Addenda Corporation Introduces a New Battery Additive – addiBatt™ PN-20 Indianapolis

May 1, 2013

AddiBatt™ PN-20 is a multi-functional battery paste “seed” additive that improves both the curing and formation of the lead acid battery positive plate. During paste mixing and curing, this multiaxial product promotes the formation of a unique tetrabasic crystal structure in the positive active material (PAM). Tetrabasic “seeding” is known to reduce curing times, improve the uniformity of the PAM and extend the battery cycle life. During the battery formation process, the presence of addiBatt™ PN-20 increases the initial capacity of the battery by increasing the ratio of β-PbO2 to α-PbO2. Increasing the β-PbO2 content can reduce the formation energy costs required to reach full capacity.

Multiaxial “seed” crystals grow in a three dimensional pattern during the battery curing process. By growing in all directions, not just one, they create an interlocking growth pattern that improves the integrity and strength of the battery grid while promoting a “tetrabasic” crystal structure. Addenda is a leading manufacturer of additives for the battery, rubber, plastics and chemical industries. Additives include flame retardants and smoke suppressants for plastic materials, additives for batteries that improve performance and reduce manufacturing costs and additives that enhance the properties of rubber materials.

“The introduction of addiBatt™ PN-20 adds yet another unique additive for improving the lead acid battery,” stated Gary R. Mitchener, President of Addenda.

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