Addenda Doubles Battery Additive Capacity, Adds New Packaging Option

INDIANAPOLIS/ May 24, 2005/ – Addenda Corporation, Indianapolis, Indiana, announced the completion of an expansion that will double the manufacturing capacity for its battery additive, addiBatt™-Tetra (tetrabasic lead sulfate). “Battery producers have shown a growing interest in this unique additive because even small amounts added to the battery grid paste enhance battery performance and reduce manufacturing costs,” said Addenda president, Gary R. Mitchener. “We are now in a position to supply several million pounds annually,” he said.

In addition to supplying addiBatt™-Tetra in traditional bulk bags, Addenda also now offers delivery in “batch weight” poly bags. “While the most common weights seem to be 12 and 24-pound bags, we will have the capability to pack any weight between one pound and 50 pounds,” Mr. Mitchener said, citing customer demand for the added flexibility.

Addenda is a leading manufacturer of additives for the chemical, plastics, rubber and battery industries.

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