ALABC Welcomes Addenda Corporation into Membership

Battery Additives Manufacturer Becomes Consortium’s 68th Member

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. (January 26, 2012) – The Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium picked up another valuable partner company when it announced that Addenda Corporation, a leading producer of battery additives, would be joining the research group’s membership roster. Addenda becomes the ALABC’s 68th member and a key partner in the consortium’s mission to advance the capabilities of lead-acid and lead carbon batteries.

Since its incorporation in 1999, Addenda has slowly developed into a worldwide leader in manufacturing high-quality and cost-effective additives for a variety of markets, especially enhanced lead-acid batteries. In fact, the success of its AddiBatt-Tetra line of products (tetrabasic lead sulfate) in enhancing the performance, prolonging the life, and reducing the manufacturing costs of lead-acid batteries is a key reason for its partnership with the ALABC.

“With the success of some of our battery additives, we believe this is an opportune time to join the ALABC and take an active role in helping to improve the performance of lead-acid batteries,” said Addenda president Gary Mitchener. “In addition, many of our customers and business partners also have membership in the ALABC, and that can only solidify our relationships with these companies.”

While the company serves a variety of manufacturing sectors, Addenda continues to remain most active in partnering with the lead-acid battery industry. Mitchener’s involvement in the industry spans over 40 years, and his partnerships with organizations such as Battery Council International (BCI) have helped position his company as an experienced supplier for the industry.

“We are proud to have Addenda become a part of our membership,” said ALABC President Pat Moseley. “Their expertise in the field of battery additives makes them an invaluable partner at a time when we are working to take some major steps toward optimizing lead-acid technology for a variety of markets.”

Based in Indianapolis, Addenda is also keeping up with industry demand by branching out into other international markets. The company recently formed a partnership in China and opened an office in Hong Kong in response to an increased demand for their products in the Asian battery sector. For more information on Addenda Corporation, visit

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The Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium is an international research cooperative comprised of lead producers, battery manufacturers, equipment suppliers, and research facilities organized to enhance the performance of lead-acid batteries for a variety of markets, including hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) applications. For more information, visit

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