About Us

Metals and Additives LLC

(MAC) is a private holding company for three separate corporations – OMNI Oxide, Addenda LLC and PAG Holdings, LLC. The headquarters for MAC is in Indianapolis, Indiana USA. All MAC locations are ISO 9001 Certified.

Addenda LLC

Addenda LLC, incorporated in 1999, began production of plastic additives in early 2000 at a new production facility in Brazil, Indiana. President Gary Mitchener and co-founder, Mark McCaughey combined over 60 years of very successful chemical processing experience into building the most modern and cost-efficient facility in North America.

Additives for plastics, rubber, batteries and more…

Initial production of lead stabilizers included tribasic lead sulfate, addiBase™; dibasic lead phthalate, addiThal™; and proprietary mixtures with other additives.

Battery additives under the brand name addiBatt-Tetra were introduced in 2002.

In the fall of 2005, Addenda broke ground on an expansion that doubled the size of the initial plant. Then in March of 2008, Polymer Additives Group (PAG), a producer of flame retardants and smoke suppressants, was acquired by MAC. Utilizing Addenda’s coating technologies and production, PAG products were developed containing nanolayer coatings of proprietary smoke suppressants and char formers.

In 2008, production capacity was added for basic magnesium carbonate addiCarb – BMC™ and basic zinc carbonate addiCarb – BZC™ – chemical additives used in a variety of markets.

An Addenda-China office was opened in early 2011 and additional addiBatt-Tetra production capacity was added in late 2011.

Today, Addenda produces a variety of chemical additives for several markets and we continue to look for new opportunities to apply our unique chemistry knowledge and production capabilities.

Mission Statement

Addenda will become the preferred supplier in each of our markets, and our existence will become valued by our customers, investors, employees, suppliers and community.