Addenda Announces Products for the Battery Industry

INDIANAPOLIS/ January 2, 2003/ – Addenda Corporation, Indianapolis, Indiana, announced the availability of samples of various lead sulfate products for use in lead-acid battery manufacturing. Addenda, a leading manufacturer of plastic additives, will market the battery additives under the addiBatt™ trade name.

“There has been a growing interest over the past decade for new paste materials to enhance battery performance,” said Addenda president, Gary R. Mitchener. “Some of the research has involved using basic lead sulfate chemicals as the starting material for grid pasting rather than the traditional lead oxide (“leady oxide”).”

The new products of interest are; tetrabasic lead sulfate, tribasic lead sulfate and monobasic lead sulfate. Some suggested benefits cited in literature over the last decade include:

  • Mechanical strength properties of the pasted grid.
  • Reduced grid pasting/formation costs
  • Good adhesion to the positive plate
  • Extended battery life
  • Excellent capacity per gram
  • Increase of specific energy
  • Good strength in combination with high power density, porosity and surface area.

Addenda Corporation has already been manufacturing two of these products for the plastics industry and has developed technology using automated techniques that can result in a variety of particle sizes and purities tailored to meet the requirements of the battery market.

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