Addenda Announces Alliance with OMNI Oxide

April 20th, 1999 8:30am INDIANAPOLIS/ April 20, 1999/ – OMNI Oxide LLC and Addenda Corporation, today announced an agreement on a strategic alliance. OMNI is a leading North American producer of lead oxides for the battery and electronic glass industries and has four QS9000 certified plants in the United States.

Addenda is a manufacturer of polymer additives – heat stabilizers and lubricants – which includes some products requiring high quality lead oxide as a raw material. Heat stabilizers are necessary additives used to protect polyvinyl chloride (PVC) from degradation and maintain good electrical properties in wire and cable insulation and jacketing.

“We are fortunate to have a committed supply relationship established with an industry leader that shares our belief in providing improving value to customers,” stated Gary R. Mitchener, President of Addenda. “We will continue to seek out and evaluate new opportunities that enhance our offerings to customers and the future of Addenda.”

OMNI and Addenda will share various resources at a production facility in Brazil, Indiana and headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. “There is a natural fit and overlap in certain areas of our businesses and it makes sense to cooperate and share certain resources,” said Greg Stevens, President and CEO of OMNI Oxide LLC.

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