Addenda Corporation Adds Testing Technology for Battery Additives

Indianapolis – April 10, 2014

Addenda recently installed new laboratory equipment to help us continue to develop new battery additives and better understand and enhance their use and performance in the lead-acid battery.

New equipment includes the latest Bruker XRD (x-ray diffraction) instrument for sophisticated quantitative phase and structure analysis. Accurate phase identification is an important tool in helping customers optimize the use of our high performance addiBatt™ additives in their batteries.

This new state of the art X-ray diffraction (XRD) equipment provides accurate and timely analysis of paste mixes and battery plate active material. These results help guide customers during trials to determine optimum additive use levels for enhanced performance.

Last year, we upgraded our thermal analysis capabilities with a TA Instruments simultaneous TGA/DSC instrument. This provides us with unprecedented speed, accuracy and improved resolution to temperatures up to 1,500° C.

In addition to use for customer trial analysis, both instruments will be used for continued research and quality control. “We are committed to making improvements in the technology and performance of lead acid batteries,” said Gary Mitchener, President.

Addenda is a leading manufacturer of additives for the battery, rubber, plastics and chemical industries. Additives include flame retardants and smoke suppressants for plastic materials, additives for batteries that improve performance and reduce manufacturing costs and additives that enhance the properties of rubber materials.

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