Addenda Corporation Introduces addiBatt™ PN-50 – a New Battery Additive

Singapore – September 10, 2013

Addenda introduced a new lead acid battery additive at the Asian Battery Conference in Singapore.

AddiBatt™ PN-50 represents a significant improvement in tin containing additives for batteries. The use of tin is growing and dates back to the 1970’s. Numerous literature references (patents and published papers) have documented the advantages of including some small level of tin in the battery paste mix. These include among others:

Higher discharge capacity
Improved initial capacity
Extended cycle life
Reduction of self discharge
Promotes formation of β- PbO2
Inhibits grid corrosion

While the use of tin has been increasing, growth has been limited because many forms of tin and methods of incorporation interfere with the formation of a tetrabasic crystal structure during the curing process. Using addiBatt™ PN-50 promotes a tetrabasic lead sulfate cure and delivers tin into the active paste to enhance the performance properties of the battery.

“addiBatt™ PN-50 is the fourth new battery additive Addenda Corporation has introduced in the past year,” said Gary Mitchener, President. “We are committed to making improvements in the technology and performance of lead acid batteries.”

Addenda is a leading manufacturer of additives for the battery, rubber, plastics and chemical industries. Additives include flame retardants and smoke suppressants for plastic materials, additives for batteries that improve performance and reduce manufacturing costs and additives that enhance the properties of rubber materials.

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