Trade Name


Chemical Name

Tribasic Lead Sulfate

CAS Registry

No. 12202-17-4


Fine, dry white powder

General Recommendation

Primary heat stabilizer for PVC and other chlorinated polumers.
Excellent electrical properties.
Excellent long term stability.


Ideal for wire insulation and jacketing. Injection molding. Calandered film and sheeting. EPDM, PE, plastisols, and blowing agent activation. Rigid and flexible profile extrusions.

Typical Properties

% PbO 89.0 ± 0.5
% Pb 82.0 ± 0.5
% Moisture 0.3 Max.
Theoretical Sp. Gr. 7.0 ± 0.1
% Through 325 Mesh 99.5 Min.

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